Pit Stop FAQ

Question: What’s going on at the Pit Stop?

Answer: The Stay At Home order closed businesses and public agencies which people who don’t have homes used for toileting and hand-washing. The Fourth Plain Pit Stop provides those specific resources.

Question: Who’s behind this?

Answer: The Pit Stop is located at River City Church. Washington Recovery Services is the fiscal agent. The project is managed by volunteers. The project has received no outside funding.

Question: What’s with all the cleaning?

Answer: People who are homeless are vulnerable to viruses of all types, including COVID 19, entirely because we don’t provide safe shelter. Studies show 40% of people who are homeless could become infected over time. Transmission is reduced with constant hand-cleaning and social distancing. Neither are possible for people who are homeless.

For public safety and to slow transmission of COVID 19, public toilets and hand-washing stations must be cleaned after each use. Volunteers at the Fourth Plain Pit Stop provide the only safe public toileting and hand-washing in the Vancouver area.

Question: Doesn’t Vancouver have enough services for people who are homeless?

Answer: No. Experts estimate Vancouver has about 1400 people who are homeless now and is providing emergency and transitional shelter to about 460. That means over 900 of your neighbors slept outside last night. With the Governor’s Stay At Home order and no operator, the Vancouver Navigation Center was closed in mid-March. Social service outreach workers are off the streets because of the lack of proper equipment such as masks and gloves, and specialized training. Public agencies providing mental health and addiction treatment have transitioned to tele-health, leaving those without computers without some services.

Question: How can I help?

Answer: You can sign up to volunteer, make a cash donation, or take a look at our Wish List of items to support the Pit Stop.

Unless you’re volunteering or dropping off Wish List items, or need to use our facilities, please do not visit the Pit Stop. Do not bring food or items which are not on the Wish List.